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        除了累積了多年的職場閱歷,鄭牧師亦曾接受過多次神學裝備,包括於香港播道神學院完成基督教研究碩士(MCS, 2015)學位,及在美國三一神學院獲取道學碩士(MDiv, 2019) 學位。其後,他亦通過美國宣道會Metropolitan District 的考核,被按立成為牧師。

        蒙神帶領,鄭牧師於2020年在紐約巿史丹頓島上開展植堂事工,在COVID-19 的疫情下建立了一間廣東話教會。2023年,疫情退卻,神再帶領鄭牧師一家前往新澤西州的新生命華人教會,參與牧養和教導的事奉。

        鄭牧師與妻子Jessica 在香港大學相識及相戀,2005年結婚後,生了一女一子。除了研讀聖經,鄭牧師喜歡跟家人相處,他最享受一家四口自駕遊的旅程。

Rev. Jeffrey Cheng was born in Hong Kong. As a graduate of the University of Hong Kong, Jeffrey held a bachelor’s degree in actuarial science. He had worked as an actuary for 14 years, with an expertise in asset-liability management. Just like matching negative cashflow with a positive one, salvation from Jesus is the only way to repay the debt of sins- according to the Bible. Having moved by the Holy Spirit, Jeffrey accepted Jesus as his Saviour in the third year of his actuarial career.

Jeffrey earned his first master’s degree (Master of Christian Studies) from the Evangel Seminary in Hong Kong after 12 years following Christ. In 2014, God called the family to serve among the Chinese communities in the America. The family responded to the call, and in 2019, Jeffrey received his MDiv (Master of Divinity) from the Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in IL.

In 2020, the family started their ministry as church planters in Staten Island, NY. They began the Charis Community Church of C&MA, which was a Cantonese ministry during the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2023, God called Jeffrey to transition to a leadership and pastoral role at New Life Chinese Church in New Jersey.

Jeffrey loves to spend time with his family. He and his supportive wife, Jessica, have been married for many years. They have a gifted daughter and an intelligent son. 


General Administration總務 - Michael Cheng 鄭勤明

Christian Education基督教教育 - Shan Feng 馮姍

Secretary秘書 - Ellen Tsao 操伊倫

Treasury財政 - Karen Wang 王蘭岺

May Lui 呂美卿

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